10-Year Financial Plan

Our proprietary 10-Year Financial Plan Simulation tool is the capstone of each of our programs. Students use the tool to develop and present a personal 10-year financial plan – with the goal being to help students concretely forecast their inflows and outflows throughout college and their early professional lives. Such a plan includes items as large as projected tuition, student financial aid packages (from federal, state, and institutional sources), and projected income given their desired profession to as small as expenditures on extracurriculars at college. This tool allows students to chart how college will map onto their career path, how their career path will fund their lifestyles, and how and when students can expect to repay any debt owed. All in all, this exercise facilitates the process by which students narrow down schools that are affordable to them, develop a plan for financial persistence in college, and articulate a vision for future financial success beyond.

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Features quarter by quarter forecasts of your expenses:


And wider perspective summary views to capture trends in your finances: