UniFi Scholars seeks to bridge the socioeconomic divide in the college application process and unify students of high academic standing around both their shared standard of achievement and a lifelong proficiency in financial literacy. We envision a future in which academic standing – rather than inherited financial standing – dictates the make-up of elite college campuses and in which all Americans are unified by a common ability to responsibly manage their finances.

Through its innovative partnerships and unique method of curriculum delivery, UniFi Scholars has four principal objectives:


Drive Financial Aid Awareness



                                                              Match Students With The College of Their Dreams


                                                                                                                                                                                                              Promote Financial Literacy



                                                                                                                                            Set Students Up With Starter Accounts


UniFi Scholars seeks for its students to receive a complete and comprehensive education about all aspects of available financial aid resources and student loan repayment.


UniFi Scholars aims for its students to gain a better understanding of which elite universities might be a proper match, to which, due to false stigmatization, they might otherwise have chosen not to apply.


UniFi Scholars looks to promote student fluency in the core concepts around saving, budgeting, and personal money management, so that they might begin to provide for their financial futures.


UniFi Scholars will set its students up with personal checking and savings accounts – with the help of our principal bank partner – so that they might begin building a nest egg for the future.