Program Offerings

UniFi Scholars delivers two different types of programs:

ALL-star Summer Programs

UniFi Scholars fully operates a series of all-star summer programs during which students leave the confines of the classroom and attend class in the boardrooms of leading New York businesses. In these programs, students not only receive 54 hours of curriculum but also gain exposure to professionals at these companies. Students are expected to put together 10-year financial plans, and the program culminates with a Demo Day, at which students deliver presentations on their future financial selves. During the school year, UniFi Scholars trains instructors of its partner high schools and community-based organizations to deliver its curriculum – whether in a full or modular form. UniFi Scholars provides its instructors with a robust instructor training program, weekly check-ins, site visits, and ongoing support.

school-year programs

UniFi Scholars directly engages and works with local schools and universities – public and private – and community-based organizations, specifically tailoring and packaging the structure and content of our programs as is appropriate for each particular partner. This includes full-scale program delivery, curriculum handoff and instructor training, workshop coordination, and/or product licensing.

Please contact us for more information regarding our programming and specific curriculum.