Who We Are

UniFi Scholars is a 501(c)(3) non-profit provider of financial literacy and college financing education, particularly focusing on low-income high school students.

The spirit of the organization is channeled through our three co-founders, who dreamed up UniFi Scholars in 2014 to solve some of our nation's biggest problems. While the three of them come from various backgrounds, they all understand how important each of their educations has been and continues to be in their lives. Our co-founders believe that every American deserves a high-quality, affordable education, and their goal is to ensure that every high school student has the necessary financial tools and knowledge of the relevant processes to make this a reality.

David Helene, Founder and chief Executive officer

David spent nearly three years at The Clearing House, a financial trade association representing the interests of the nation’s largest commercial banks, particularly around addressing the root causes of the financial crisis. Named the youngest vice president in TCH’s history, he most recently served as Chief of Staff, where he worked directly with TCH’s president and was responsible for overseeing a variety of special operational and advocacy initiatives. A lifelong New Yorker, he is a graduate of Yale University with a BA in economics.


Georges was formerly a Product Manager at General Assembly, focusing on building and managing GA's Business programs across the world. He specialized in innovative educational program design and curriculum development focused on project-based courses, blended learning, and a backwards planning methodology. A native New Yorker and graduate of the University of Wisconsin (with a focus on Sociology of Education), he also recently completed a Fellowship at Blue Ridge Labs @ the Robin Hood Foundation, building digital products to solve problems faced by low-income New Yorkers. His project, JustFix.nyc, won the Grand Prize at the Final Product Showcase.

Max Wilson, Founder and chief information officer

Max is a data scientist who helps political campaigns and corporations unlock and operationalize data. In 2013, as a researcher at Columbia University's Center for Decision Sciences, he examined how people make financial decisions: A recurring finding in the Center's studies was that people made better, more informed decisions if they received the right financial instruction "just-in-time," but that the effect of this instruction waned if the actual financial decision was not immediately relevant. This helped inspire UniFi Scholars' mission to help high school students with their first major financial hurdle: where to attend and how to pay for college. Max grew up in Northern California and studied Economics with David at Yale.